svelte-podcast: The fastest way to build a podcast site with Svelte.

A suite of tools and components to build your own podcast players, and work with RSS podcast data in SvelteKit. Coming Soon: SSR utilities for consuming RSS podcast feeds

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Svelte-Podcast streamlines the creation of custom audio players and simplifies state management in Svelte apps.

Build custom Audio Player UI
Simplify the creation of custom audio players with a set of headless components that keep out of your way and take care of core functionality.

Easily manage Audio State
Loading, controlling, and keeping track of multiple audio sources is a pain. svelte-podcast abstracts this away and provides a simple interface to manage audio state.

Track user preferences
Users expect a lot from media players. It should remember their preferences like playback speed, and it should remember where they were in an episode even after reloading the page. svelte-podcast takes care of this for you, and provides you with access to extend this with your own database.